Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making Gluten-Free Bagels

Well,since I have a gluten intolerance,I cannot eat a lot of bread products.Yesterday one of my friends gave me a wheat and gluten-free Pamala's Bread Mix.So today I decided I would try it,with much apprehension,since our oven's thermostat seems to be broken and often burns everything.
With this in mind,I decided to try bagels,since they're smaller,and have a less chance of burning.

I mixed the bread mix,canned coconut milk,some almond milk,eggs,a banana,melted Smart Balance since we're out of oil,yeast,and I think that it's it.I wasn't too sure how it would turn out since I mixed most of it before reading directions......I have a habit of doing that.

Then the blobs of batter go into the oven to rise for an hour.
After that,boil a pot of water,and FOLLOW the directions to poke a hole in the round slabs of dough,and then drop them into the pot for 25 seconds.It always fascinates me to see the dough pop back up to the surface.Remove with a slotted spoon,and place back on the greased cookie sheet.
Back into the oven.When I start to smell them,I open the oven and the bagels are getting done on the bottom.Turn the oven back off for 5 minutes(this is how I have to do it so it doesn't burn),and then back on.

Off and on for the next half hour,leave them in the warm oven for a little longer(not on),then they're done!I went into the kitchen to find my mom already eating one.They're slightly burned on the bottom,but then,I was expecting that.

So,here's to eating food that tastes pretty good,and does not make you sick,goodnight.

Feeling Like Spring......................!

I love springtime,in fact,it is my favorite time of, the year.Nothing rivals it!If you love Spring,you know what I am talking about.
Well,even though it is February,it's sunny out,and I love it!It makes me feel SO much better!

And I'm going to be taking lots of pictures outside.Those are the best kinds of pictures.I just got finished taking some of myself with direct sunlight.Some of the effects are really cool,some.....a little frightening!

Well,I better be off,I have some pictures of jewelry to take.