Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dresses Made Entirely Out of Beads!

(click on image to make it bigger and see more detail)

I saw these amazing dresses on this blog post from "The Forney Flyer".The traditional attire is all,or almost all,made from tiny little beads.This was at a wedding in Northeast Kalimantan,I believe.

Changin' Up the Blog

Oh boy,I almost killed my blog with messing around with designs.lol.If you looked at it in the last half hour or so,you probably noticed..it was a mess.I didn't even mean to change the whole look,I was just going to try to make the layout bigger,and then the template I tried got it all askew,and so I tried a bunch of different things,including a new background,doing some different things with the layout(which I had no idea what I was doing).Finally I found where to get my old template,Mimina,which put everything back in order.Rather liked the new background,so I'm keeping that.Then I thought I would make a new header,went over to background fairy again,got the natural linen header,did a few things to it on picnik.com,and there you go!

So now it seems like my theme colors are tan/beige,gray,and yellow.All very nice.I heard on a bridal blog that gray and yellow are really in for weddings.lol I don't think I'm going to play around with redesigning my bridal blog for a while,though.And I totally did not get a screenshot of my blog,so i could have before and after.Bummer.

Well,the real question is,how do you like it?Is it easy to read,any requests to change the text size,or anything?