Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello,Ya All

Ok,so sorry for not blogging these past weeks,I went to go visit some friends and family(pictures to come),and did not have time to blog.But I have many things to blog,including some shop features on my wedding blog.I have been seriously thinking of switching Jenny's Wedding Dresses to wordpress,but can't make up my mind.
I recently blogged on my photography blog,and here's the link.Alex-Parrot Portraiture.If you like birds,be sure to check out this post.

And I'm also featured on a blog(Ya!).You can see it at Being Tazim.There's an interview,too.I love how she put my pictures together.

I made a new shop banner for fall.

It took me hours,of course.I don't see how anyone can charge $5 for an intricate banner.I used two programs to get it done,picnik and gimp.

Well,I guess that's all for now.I hope everyone is doing well,and I look forward to blogging again.