Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Make a Button For Anything and Put it On Your Blog

Long title,isn't it?Ok,so I recently discovered how to make a button that I can put on my blog,and people can click on it and go look at my necklace on the Fire Mountain Gem website.
A lot of how I found out how to make one came from this post.But I found a bit of it confusing and decided to write my own.

1.First of all,what you're to do is find a picture you want to use for the button.What you want it to be will depend on whether you are going to make a button for your blog,your website,a picture,or whatever.
The size of the image should be no more than 150px wide,usually,so that you won't have a problem with the edges of it being cut off.But if you have more space and know how much wider to make it,then you can make it bigger.Mine is 150 x 150.I used to crop and size my pic,then used the "create" page to add text.Save it to your computer(don't forget to add .jpg at the end of the file name if you change the name).
Then you need to put your picture somewhere to create a link.Either photobucket or maybe flikr.I tried both of them,and for some reason that picture would not upload,so i gave up,and made a blog post with that picture.Then I could click on the photo and there would be a link for me to copy and paste.So keep that window up so you can copy and paste later.

2.Now onto the hmtl.I was having issues with the html showing up,but I googled and now i have it all figured out. :)
Here it is.Copy:
<a border="0" href="yourblogURL" target="_blank"<>img src="yourimagedirectlinkURL"/<>/a>

3.Once you've got that,go to your blog,and go to "Design",and then just make sure you're on "Page Elements".Find "add a gadget".Just make sure it's in the right place,though you can move page elements around later if it doesn't suit you.Then once that box pops up,go to "HTML/Javascript",and click on the plus sign.Paste the hmtl there.
Now see where it says "yourimagedirectlinkURL"?Erase that,while keeping the quotation marks.Now it's time to go to where you have your image and copy that link.Paste it there instead.
Then go your blog,or whatever webpage you're wanting to direct folks to,and put it instead of "yourblogURL",while still keeping the quotation marks as before.
Hit save,and you're done!

If you want to show me yours once you're done,or need any help,comment here,or send me an email at jennystreasuresforu(at)

And feel free to share this post with anyone who needs it.There are buttons on the bottom for twitter,myspace and such,too.

Now I just need to make a button for my blog and who knows what else.Maybe twitter,or facebook.Fun. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

It Works!

I figured how how to make a button so that people can view my necklace that is on the Fire Mountain Gem website!How cool is that!
If anyone needs help making a button for their blog or whatever,I'm more than happy to help.I'll probably post a tutorial of how I did it later.
You can totally ignore this posting.I just need to do this to try to make a button.Let's hope it works.
Well,I changed my blog design once's lots of fun to do that.The design is a little springlike,but I decided not to wait.And once spring comes around again,I'll probably want to change it.
I made my own banner and the background is from the backgroundfairy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It has been freezing lately...seems to me like fall is already over.
We had a really hot summer and so it seems like we will have a really cold even snowed some the past few days!

I very much miss some of summer and especially spring.Spring is my favorite time of the year,plus the early part of summer.Beginning of April to the end of June is heaven.
Well,I hope I don't freeze this winter!At least I know I have the promise of spring in a few months.

And I can stay holed up in my somewhat warm house and make things!I'll have to venture outside and go for walks in the woods once in a while,otherwise I'll go cabin-fever crazy.And bundle up as much as possible.

I have so many different styles and colors of hair things to head sometimes spins!There are a few of the new designs in the shop,if you want to take a look.I'll be adding many more options as I can get them done and photographed.I'm thinking pictures in the snow would be pretty neat,eh?Might as well take advantage of

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone! :)