Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Duh Moment-Tulle Earrings!

Late one night I was going through some different fabrics to make gifts bags with,and I had some tulle.I was thinking about making some bags with the tulle,but them started cutting some up to see if I could make a tulle flower.Then I bunched the pieces up(it looked kinda like a feather that way),held it up to my hair to see if I wanted to sew it on a hairpin.Just so randomly,I held it up to one of my ears to see what that looked like,and found that I liked that!And I thought it would be so cool to make tulle earrings!
I did a quick Google search,and found that there were some tulle earrings,but not in the style I wanted to make them,or at least that I'm aware of.
So here is my first pair of tulle earrings.

They're very nice and lightweight and blow in the wind.

Here is some tulle I plan on making earrings with:sparkley purple,blue,pink,white,cream,tan,yellow............
You can kinda see in the plastic bag two pairs I have made.

I was thinking of calling them different names,like Cinderella earrings for the light blue,since that's what inspired me to make it in that color.But the earrings also remind me of butterfly wings.
Still trying to figure out pricing for them,so if you have any ideas,let me know.......They take 20-45 minutes to cut out and sew,depending on size.
I plan on putting many pairs of these earrings in my etsy shop.