Friday, July 2, 2010

Everything Skit

A few years back,my youth group did this drama.There is so much anointing in both this song and skit.It's about how this girl has this lovely relationship with Jesus,and then different things of the world come to detract and destroy her.A boy-freind who's heart is not following God,money,jealousy,drinking,and finally,she's so broken,she's on the verge of suicide.Then she's like "I've had enough of this",and starts running back to Jesus,who has been waiting for her,and the demons try to kept her away,but of course He defeats them,and welcomes her back with extravagant love.

My lovely friend Renee directed this.And all of the amazing people in the skit:Andy,Joy,Tom,Hannah,Anastasia,Mariah,um,I forget the other guy's name.I've seen this live several times.It was so much what I was going through when I first saw it.Man,so many memories with this song.Anyways,I hope you enjoy it,and that it touches your heart with God's presence.

(Disclaimer,I do not own this song.)