Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New House

It's been so long since I've blogged!
We did eventually find a place,and it's in the same town,which I was very happy about.We had to wait a while for the paperwork to go through,so we stayed at a friend's house until it was done.

But once I moved in,I found out we weren't able to get internet!Turns out Qwest only has so many phone lines for this area,and someone got my place for DSL in the two weeks I didn't have it.

So I ordered Earthlink,and finally got it yesterday.I used a neighbor's computer every 3 or so days to check on etsy.I felt bad about not being able to reply quicker to people's convo's,but I did the best I could. :)
I'm sooo glad to have internet again,not just for my business,but to get back in touch with many of my friends who I only communicate with online or in person.Being without a computer for a few weeks made me realize I should get a few more phone numbers!

I made quite a few earrings during that time,15 pairs,I think.As well as a few hair things.I'm planning on making lots more.I should have taken pictures several days ago,cause the weather turned nasty and is not good for taking photographs.Hopefully I'll get some sun soon so I can get pictures and list them all.