Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Pretty Music I Love

I love music sooo much,and often have 8 tabs open to just youtube when I'm online.Finding new (to me!) songs and artists make me very happy.I thought I would share a few amazing songs I recently discovered.

"A Fine Frenzy" is so good.I had heard of it a while back,but never checked out their music till a month or so ago.

The song "Edelweiss" is not new to me at all,as "The Sound of Music" has been a favorite since I was a child,but the band "The Honey Trees" is.I suggest the song "Love and Loss",also.(This song always reminds me of the small white kitten I named after it when I was eight. )

I've loved Christina Perri for quite a while,and her new song for "Breaking Dawn" is so sweet.Even if you dislike that book and movie series,this song is worth a listen.The music video is beautiful,too.I love her gown,and all those candles makes me want to fill a big empty room with tea lights!