Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update About the Fire Mountain Gem's Contest

So,I had entered the Fire Mountain Gems Metal Clay,Metal Beads,Wirework,and Chain contest a few months back.You can read a little about my entry in this blog post.
I received my necklace back two days ago.I did not win,but at least I am a finalist.
You can see my necklace,Silver Roses on the FMG website.

I'm thinking of entering the next contest,Pearls, Organic Beads and Kato Polyclay™,but I have less than a month to get whatever I'm going to make done.I have 7 designs rattling around in my head for it,and it's so hard to chooses which ones to do!And there has been a shortage of the tiny seed pearls I would need for a lot of the designs;they've been on back order for weeks.

And I'm still trying to get a camera.I'm using the one I began with(and that's I borrowed from a friend).I had looked at some cameras online and kinda got an idea of what I liked.
I had been thinking about the new Samsung TL 220 for a while,since both the cameras I have worked with are samsungs.Then again,they both have problems.Well,the one I'm borrowing is 6 years old,so it's a lot different from the newer cams.But it does have a different brand of lens(at least,that is what I hope),Schneider,and from what I hear,it's supposed to be a pretty good lens.And the most important part of a camera is really the lens.That's what i had problems with my other camera, a samsung S860,so their lens have not been very dependable.Nd the front screen is really what won me over. It would be very handy for taking pictures of me wearing my jewelry,so I won't end up with a pictures with funny expressions on my face,and have to crop my head off!lol I looked a the TL205 at Walmart to kinda get an idea of what the TL220 would be like.It didn't take that great of pictures,at least nor from far away.I didn't really get to play with settings,but the pictures weren't that great.But on that camera,it said Samsung lens,not a Schneider,so I don't know if the TL220 would take better photos.And the 220 does have a touchscreen,which has it's pros and cons.I've read a whole bunch of reviews on t,but I wo't really know till I've tried it.One thing someone mentioned is that the auto-flash goes off when you turn the front screen on,and they don't like that,but I actually would like very much.I hardly ever shoot with flash,and it always annoys me to have to turn it of all the time!

So after looking at that camera,I was browsing,trying to see if there's something else,and after trying nikon(which I would like a Nikon D5000..........someday,but I didn't like their point and shoots),kodak,Canon,ummm,a few others,I found the Sony cybershot W350.And I really like it!It took very nice,clear photos of a pair of my tulle earrings i had brought along.I'm not sure how it would do with other kinds of photos,but it seems to do very well with jewelry.I did read a review where it said something about not being able to take pictures of the sun?Which is rather important to me,cause I love taking pictures of the sun.

I did find 2 Canons that I liked as well.One I had seen online and liked from the beginning,an A3000-IS and SX120-IS.Unfortunately,I've read some bad reviews on the A3000,so that one may be a no.
I'm really liking the Canon PowerShot SX120IS 10MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Images Stabilized Zoom and 3-inch LCD partly because of the zoom.It'd be really good for when I take walks and want to zoom in on an animal,yet still small enough to fit in my pocket(I think).I don't remember how it did with the jewelry.I'm going back to Walmart soon,maybe today,so I'll take a look at then again.The Canon PowerShot SX20IS seems really nice as well,but it's more expensive.

So there's some of the pros and cons on the cameras I've been thinking of.I'll post more information as I get it,in case there's any more looking for a good camera for taking pictures of jewelry,though I love taking pictures of everything.hehe.It's funny,because like everywhere I go,I think,"Oh that would make a good picture","oh that's so pretty i wish I had a better camera".i really do love photography.A few years ago,I was thinking of different things I would like to do as a job,and photography popped into my head.That's kinda how I got started on the jewelry,but that was around 4 years ago.

So,any comments,suggestion,on cameras?I know everyone's preference in cameras is different,one may say that this models awful,while another says it's great,and so forth,but has anyone owned any of the models I mentioned?(Hey,how did the subject of this post end up being cameras?lol).