Monday, August 20, 2012

Etsy Shop Review-Simply Rustic Natural Skin Care

  Today I'm going to be reviewing one of  my all time favorite etsy shops (and the list seems to keep growing,so many amazing shops on there!).This shop is called "Simply Rustic" ,and the lovely shop owner's name is Amanda.
I tend to have dry skin,so I tried a few different body butters,though she does have other things like lip polish and balms,face cleansers and masks and body scrubs.
Amanda even made a new scent for me when I asked.I love vanilla,and also loved the one with coconut oil,and thought putting some vanilla oil with it would be wonderful.People say it reminds them of the beach,and it kinda does for me,too,thought it mostly smells like vanilla cake to me.It's called "Tranquility",and she doesn't have it listed yet,since it's a new product,but keep a lookout for it in her shop or ask her about it if you're interested. :) That one and the "Nighty Night" are my two top faves...though they are all my favorites.

Right now she is having a sale on all of her body butters,as well as a few other great deals on some other products!You can get four butters of your choice for $27.Normally they are $9 each,so that means if you buy four,you will be getting one free.
You can shop all sales here.

Alright,now to review the ones I got. :)

Whipped Nighty Night Body Butter - Great for Babies and Children, Fair Trade, Wildcrafted
This one is amazing.I got it when I had the flu,and put it on my neck,and found it helped a lot.It helps with pain in general a little,and I think it would be good for massages.It also smells really nice.I had one of my friends smell it,and she didn't want to give it back!haha.It has Roman Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oil in it and the butter is organic fair trade shea butter, grape seed oil, beeswax,and vitamin E oil.

 Whipped Raspberry Body Butter - Organic Raspberry Flavor Extract, Fair Trade Organic
 Has a nice,light scent (at least,it's light to me),and does smell like raspberries. :) I do really like this one for summer.

NOW Vegan Whipped Mmm...Yummy Body Butter - Simply Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter

  I love this one a lot,and since it's unscented besides it's own natural smell,it's a great one to use when you want to wear a perfume.I think this one makes my skin the softest,it's got a very silky texture cause of the coconut oil.

Now VEGAN Whipped Paradise Body Butter - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil/Lime Essential Oil, Organic, Fair Trade, Wildcrafted
  This one I actually didn't use,but got for a friend.I did smell it,though,and it smelled amazing as well.It's pretty much the same as the other coconut butter besides the lime oil.I would buy this one for myself later.

I was wondering what to do with the containers once I used up all the butter,I didn't want to throw them away.Well,I realized you can wash and dry them,and then use them for storing craft supplies,I think they would even work to give gifts in.

I'm looking forward to trying these someday. :)
Whipped Relax Body Butter -Wildcrafted Lavender Essential Oil, Fair Trade Organic

Relax Body Scrub - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize - Fair Trade, Organic, Wildcrafted
Whipped Revive Body Butter - Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil & Carrot Seed Oil, Fair Trade, Wildcrafted
 I read in her shop reviews that a customer used to use Burt's Bees carrot lotion and I remember that lotion,so I think I'd like this one. :)

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So sorry it's been so long since I've last blogged!It seems like I am saying that every 6 months or so,I guess I'm just not very good at blogging regularly.But I have some new designs to show you,some new ones I'm working on,and some etsy shop reviews,as well,so be expecting some posts from me this month. :)
 Here is a photo of a gorgeous star lantern I got recently that I wanted to show you.
P.S. Oh,and that post about anonymous spam comments?I got a ton of anonymous spam comments on it,I guess they thought it was just an invitation for a spam party. ;)