Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jewelry Giftcard Giveaway

Ok,I am finally doing my first giftcard giveaway!It's for $35,plus free shipping,open worldwide.It ends on July 25.You can view all the details and enter at Emma's Boos and Rawrs blog
Have fun!
(This pair of Pearl branch Earrings are $35,one of the many items you can choose from if you win!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful Picture of Deer and Sun Flare

Yesterday I went for a walk,and as a deer was crossing the road,I snapped a picture.I didn't even notice till I put the picture on the computer,the beautiful sun flares.I really love sun flares in pictures,and when I take photos outside,I try to capture as many as possible.(If you click on the picture,you can see it bigger).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Announcing My New Blog!

So I finally decided to "take the leap" and get a wordpress blog.I think I will still keep up this blog(though I'm not blogging very often right now),and my wedding blog,as well.
So here is my new blog.As time goes by,I'll let you know how I like it,and give it a bit of a review for anyone trying to decide whether to switch to WP.I think my best advice is to just start trying it.It takes a little figuring out,but then,so does blogger.When I first started blogging,I didn't even know how to cut and paste.They each have their pros and cons,that's partly why I'm keeping my other two blogs.

Ok,so here's my new blog!