Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spring Clearance and Reduced Prices

I recently cut prices even more on most of my Branch earrings.At first they were $30,then $27,and today i decided to mark them down to $25.I'm trying to find the perfect sweet spot for pricing them.I know everyone's budget is different,and that price would be too much for some,hardly anything for some,and just right for others.But we'll see how it goes.I don't like fluctuating prices very much.
You may remember that post I did about figuring out jewelry prices a long time ago.
And I thought I would show you some items I have on sale,or clearance.I might put some more on spring clearance later.

Lavender Amethyst Waterfall Necklace-Spring Clearance 15 off original price of 40 ($25.00)

Midnight Sky Leather Lariat-Spring Clearance,was 105,now 80

Clearance-Pearl and Rose Swarovski Wire Necklace

Oops Sale was 25 now 20-Pink and Gold Wirework Branch Earrings

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing my Friend's Shop - berrycrafty

I wanted to put in a few good words for my friend Kathy.I met her at church a while back,and she had with her some of the most beautiful polymer clay jewelry i've ever seen.We became friends,and since a few of her other friends had been encouraging her to sell on etsy,I helped her set up shop.Her last name is Berry,thus the reason why part of her shop name is berry.I think it's a cute name.She makes pendants,hair barrettes,butterfly magnets,keychains,and even some beads!I've seen some earrings,too,which should be up sometime.
Visit her shop at berrycrafty

Here are a few of my favorites,and I've seen them all in person,and they are so gorgeous!I've also seen some of her works in progress,and I'm still not very sure how she does it.She's been doing this for a while.She said she could teach me a little,so we'll see how that goes.Enjoy the lovely items below! :)

Intricate Kaleidoscope Flower Pendant

Large Blue and Yellow Kaleidoscope Barrette

Magenta Butterfly Magnets

purple heart keychain with transparent overlay

17mm Kaleidescope beads

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bit of a Shop Update

I've been taking so many pictures you would think I'm sick of it,but...nope!I'll take a one or two day break,and then take 100-500 pictures.haha.
One of the things I've been photography the most,besides the outdoors,is jewelry and hair things for my shop.I've been replacing lots of photos,and I think I'm almost done.
I've been wanting to get pictures of me or someone modeling some of my earrings,since I think people would like to see it on someone.I had just bought a bunch of gold clip-on earrings,since my ears aren't pierced.So I finally took pictures of me wearing some earrings on the clip-ons..Not very many pairs,only three.I was going to get more,but I was freezing!Anyone else agree that it's time for winter to be done?At least the sun came out yesterday and today.Makes me feel like spring is right around the corner,which it is.
I'll be getting more pictures of me wearing earrings later,and when i look better,too!lol.
What do you think?Do you like to see it on a person before buying?

Here are some of my photos from this afternoon~

Gold Braided Wire Hoops with Green and Blue Seed Beads

White Tiny Freshwater Pearl and Gold Branch Earrings