Friday, November 12, 2010

My Zibbet Shop

Well,I have finally started getting cracking on my zibbet shop!Read on if you're interested in selling there,if not,just skip to the bottom for the link to the shop.

I'll be sharing as time goes by how I'm doing.And if you have any questions,feel free to ask.I may not know the answer,but I'll most certainly try. :)

I do love etsy,but I'm just not making any sales there right now,despite working on it a fair amount.So I thought it wouldn't hurt to at least try a new selling venue for a while,see how it goes.I signed up a while ago,in May.Just didn't really do anything with it.I'm not leaving etsy,by any means,but I want to try something new.I have a basic free seller account.I'm thinking of upgrading later,if it goes well,but there's still a good amount of tools without being charged.
One of the things i like most is I can import items from etsy to zibbet,edit it,and list it.That makes it sooo much easier.I don't have to remake a listing.Just deactivate on etsy,and put on zibbet.It'll be nice to hit a different market.At least,i hope and think it will. :) Or,at least,a bigger one,is more like it.
Meet new people,too!
(On a funny note,I sometimes get mixed up with all the different selling venues,artfire,etsy,zibbet.I was talking to my mom and said

Check out the shop!I made a new banner for it.How do you like what I have so far?
The first item I have imported from my etsy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I've Been Working On Lately

I used some of this fabric to make this hair clip,which can be bought in my shop.
I still have some of the material,and am thinking of lots of different ways to combine it with other materials,lace,maybe even some of the brown fleece.:D

A close-up of the fleece "petals".I cut out a lot of these while watching videos on youtube and such.You'd be surprised how long it takes to cut them all out!

Here you can mostly see the red/burgundy colored fleece.I've made three hair barrettes (with red crystals in the center!) in different sizes to put in the shop.Those will be up as soon as I get pictures.