Monday, March 12, 2012

Etsy Shop Review-Stella Deer

For some time I've been meaning to start writing reviews of etsy shops I have purchased from or done a trade with.There are some truly amazing products that the world deserves to know about! :)

The shop I am writing about today is called Stella Deer ,a natural beauty product shop,and the lovely shop owner's name is Lia.

I got these items...

Dream Pillow with Wildharvested Lavender Flowers
I'm normally not that big of a fan of lavender,but my mom is crazy about it.So I thought I would get this for her.Well,after I smelled it,I'm keeping it!haha.I'll just have to get another one for her.And maybe one for my friend.Another nice thing is that I had a bit of a headache (probably tension headache),and after sniffing the dream pillow a few times,the headache mostly left and I feel much better.

Then I got two lip balms,both with mint,since I love all things mint and peppermint.Both of them work very well.I have a bit of cracking at the side of my mouth,and it's very healing.The peppermint did sting slightly for a few seconds on that spot when I first put it on,but that's to be expected with mint.Lia also makes one without mint,CALENDULA Herbal Lip Balm, .

MOJITO Lip Balm All Natural and Organic

INDIA MINT Lip Balm All Natural and Organic

I also got a Chamomile Lavender Bath Tea Bag,which smells good.It was the last one in her shop,but she should be getting more soon.

Everything came well packaged and looked just like the photos and was just as described.

Now I have my eyes on these two products!They both look amazing!Lavender lip my hands are usually dry and I love the smell of lemon.

NEW Lavender Cocoa Butter Lip Balm in a Tin, All Natural and Organic, Handmade, Perfect to Stash in Your Purse

NEW Lemon Cocoa Butter Hand Salve, All Natural and Organic, For Soft Skin and Cuticles, Fresh Lemon Scent, Carry in Your Purse

Oh,and I almost forgot to mention that she makes soaps as well. :)