Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something Sweet and Encouraging

One of my friends posted this as her status on facebook today:
"Blessings, Favor & a Wonderful Husband!!Hubby left to work at the Healing Room today & was thinking how he wishes he could buy me some flowers today. $$ not there for it. When he left to come home, someone put $$ in his hand & said God told me to give you this to buy flowers for your wife. Thank you Honey and thank you Lord!
He went to Judy's Florist and they gave him double flowers for the money he had. Thank you Judy and also thank you to the kind person who works at the Healing Room and listened to the Lord."

Just shows how if it's important to us,it's important to Him.Nothing too little or too great.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singin' the Blues,part 1

I'm going to have to do the blue beads in two parts,since there are so many different shades of pretty blue beads.Part one will be more medium and dark blues,part two will be lighter blues.And I think I will do a section with periwinkle,since there's some beads that would fit into that category.

Beautiful sapphires in different shades of blue.I love strands like these,cause with all those colors,it's very versatile to design with,you can get totally different looks from the same strand.
AAA Translucent Sparkling Natural Colombian Shaded Blue Sapphire Micro Faceted Rondelle from finegems

Two kinds of lapis.
Denim Lapis Lazuli Round Beads from lorettamazzo

Lapis Large Pear Briolette Focal from skyvalleygems

I think this one speaks for itself.

London Blue Topaz - Star Hexagon Faceted Step Cut Solitaire Style Gemstone Briolettes
from GemGourmet

Blue goldstone reminds me of stars in a midnight sky.
Blue Goldstone 6mm Faceted Coin Shape from FavourJewelry

Classic form for Kyanite,a nice,organic look.
Kyanite Rough Drop Beads, 15 - 65mm, Natural, Thin, Drilled, Free Form from oOdeFunktOo

Blue Freshwater pearl Cultured Pearl Baroque from backgard

Faceted pearls are the best.

Pearls faceted bright navy blue
from paintedpinochle
SWAROVSKI 5000 ROUND 8MM SAPPHIRE BLUE from crystalgemsupplies