Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year!

Wow,I can't quite believe it's finally here.2011.
What a year this past year has been!I'm sure most of you can agree with me on that.I've gone a long way.Some things I thought would happen did,and some didn't.I learned a lot,not just about business and taking pictures,but about Jesus,people and relationships,myself,and so much more.
I went for a lot of things I was afraid of doing and experienced some break-through.Some things I have yet to see the end result.I have some new wonderful friends,too.I can't really imagine my life without them.
I like to,instead of resolutions,make myself goals i can work on throughout the whole year.Some of them are from last year,and that's ok.And also write down some dreams and things I want to do,and tell God,I'd love to do these,can you make it happen?If it comes my way,I will do it.Some of the things have happened.
Here are some of my goals and dreams for this year.And feel free to share any of yours,too!

To even more believe in the dreams God has given me.There's been a lot of discouragement lately,as i'm sure there has been for a lot of people.Whether or not you think God gave them to you,your dreams are very important.They are important to him,too,whether you know that,or not.Sometimes we think God is into killing our dreams.haha.Not really.There are some things we want to do that would just be disasters if we pursued them,so He of course wouldn't those dreams to come true.Though sometimes dreams that are good seem like disasters at time,cause going after them can be really hard at times,or even most of the time.

To share my heart and be more real on my blog/s.
This can be really scary for me.I'll be like,hmm,would someone even want to read it?But then I think,if it helps even just one person,then that's what i set out to do.And it's ok if you're not into blogs that do that.We're all different.But I really love reading blogs were people are honest and real.I find it very encouraging,and often times i am going through something someone else is at the same time.

To not let fears hold me back.Learn more when it's the enemy trying to scare me,or God's warning me.

Work on my etsy shop more than before.List more items,make more things,etc.Hopefully this is the year where I really start selling.

Learn even more about photography.I finally got my own camera for Christmas(ya!Thank you to my brother and sis).It is a simple point and shoot,but it does the job.And I like to see how creative I can get with limitations.But I do have dreams of getting a Panasonic sometime.The DMC-FZ40,to be more exact.It's like my one of my friend's,but has 24x zoom,and 14.1 MP.Pretty sweet.And having a Canon would be awesome as well.That's one of my dreams,to have 3 or 4 cameras all at the same time.So if one was not working,I would have the others.And each camera does different things.Especially with's interesting to see how each lens translates light.There'll be different color lens flares,and how it filters out sunlight,etc.And i would love to have a DSLR someday.There's a lens I love,very expensive,but man,how it captures tiny details.It's the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM 1-to-1 Macro Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras,and it's about $900.If you want to see the photos it can take,click here.

I want to try some new things,of course.One of them is ice skating.I have never gone ice skating.I keep day-dreaming about it.Once my sis-in-law offered to take me,but i was chicken.I wish i had said yes.I want to learn how to do spins and such on the ice,but i think first I better learn how not to fall over!lol.But I'm not going to let that keep me from dreaming.

I want to finish sewing my first dress,and also make my first silk dress.To learn lots of things about sewing and dress-making.Who knows,maybe even sell a few?Depends on how well I do.

And dance more.And sing when I am afraid to.And to not be afraid to reach out and love someone,even a stranger.I used to do that more..and the ones already around me.

So many things,i can't even begin to list them all.I really feel this is going to be a great year.So,what do you have planned? :D

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