Saturday, February 27, 2010

My First Treasury-Wedding On the Brain

I finally got to make my fist Treasury!Last night I was looking at the lists wondering if they would expire in time since I didn't want to wait all night!They didn't,so I just went to bed.
This afternoon,I went to check my emails and decided to take a look at the treasury list,and it was at 339!So I waited,and then it was open.Named my list,then went through some of my favorites to put in this Treasury.It was so hard to choose!I wish I could have featured more.Oh,well,some other time.

Like to make your own Treasury?Go to the Treasury page and click on "how to make a Treasury"the bottom of the page.
You can find out about when the Treasury will be open next by going to Craftopolis' "Treasury Clock"

It's a little hard to see,but you can view the Treasury on etsy here.

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