Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Packaging My Jewelry

Lately I have been thinking about packaging my jewelry.I didn't have to think much about it when selling in person,whoever was buying it would usually just put the jewelry they bought on,or I would put it in a little plastic bag.

So I had made a little gold organza bag I was going to use for a purchase,and thought it looked really nice,and wanted to have gift bags for everything I sell.Or almost everything.Some people don't care how it's packaged,as long as it's packed securely.(When I change it in my shop to things being sent in a gift box or bag,I will give them an option of not having one if they don't need it).

I found an old curtain made out of this ivory netting that I'm making gift bags out of,along with some unusual shiny flower patterned pink material I've for almost 7 or 8 years,cut up for something so I can hardly use it for anything,and some tulle.I'm using different colored ribbons and lace for the ties.Tulle gift bags look really amazing!Oh!and I want to make some lace gift bags as well,that would be a really beautiful way to package my jewelry.I know of some inexpensive,yet pretty lace I can use for that,I'll just have to buy it.And I'm hand-sewing each bag,which is a bit time-consuming,but enables me to practice my sewing,and be outside in the fresh air.So I'm being useful,not just sitting there ;),which is very easy to do in the country outside when it's spring.I want to make 50 of my own little bags(some bigger than others),maybe 100.Then I want to buy some gift bags from etsy,and Fire Mountains Gems.

(Unfortunately I can't post pictures of the bags right now,my camera lens broke.Which reminds me,if there's anyone out there who has a good camera,I'm looking to trade for one for some of my jewelry.)

I found these pretty little blue boxes on etsy when I used the search terms"handmade wired jewelry".I found a pretty pearl and quartz necklace,and at the bottom of the description was a link for jewelry boxes.

100 Pack of 2.5X1.5X1 Inch Size Teal Cotton Filled Jewelry Retail Merchandise Boxes

I think these would look absolutely amazing with strips of white tulle tied around them a into a bow on top,don't you?I love aqua/teal/turquoise colors,it's sorta my signature color.Reminds me a little bit of Tiffany's signature blue box.

In fact,I've been thinking about whether I should have a logo(never really thought about that till recently,either,but I thought it might be nice to have one),and I designed one that has a bit of that color with it,using leaves.I wanted my logo to have leaves in it,since whenever I made my cards,I would draw a border of leaves around the text.I make all of my business cards by hard,by the way.
So what do you think of this one?Do you like to see logos on pictures?

And so,how do you like your jewelry to be packaged?If it come with fancy wrappings,are you more likely to buy it?If you're a jewelry maker,I'd also like to hear how you package the jewelry you make.


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lancehibner said...

I agree that packaging is important, but sewing your own bags, etc. will eat into your time for creating your product.

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