Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It has been freezing lately...seems to me like fall is already over.
We had a really hot summer and so it seems like we will have a really cold winter.lol.It even snowed some the past few days!

I very much miss some of summer and especially spring.Spring is my favorite time of the year,plus the early part of summer.Beginning of April to the end of June is heaven.
Well,I hope I don't freeze this winter!At least I know I have the promise of spring in a few months.

And I can stay holed up in my somewhat warm house and make things!I'll have to venture outside and go for walks in the woods once in a while,otherwise I'll go cabin-fever crazy.And bundle up as much as possible.

I have so many different styles and colors of hair things to make.....my head sometimes spins!There are a few of the new designs in the shop,if you want to take a look.I'll be adding many more options as I can get them done and photographed.I'm thinking pictures in the snow would be pretty neat,eh?Might as well take advantage of it.lol

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone! :)

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