Friday, November 5, 2010

New Jewelry Giftcard Giveaway!

So I'm finally running another giveaway!It's on the same blog i had it on before,Emmy's Boos and Rawrs.This time,though,there will be not one,but two prizes,so two winners!The first prize if for $40,and the other is for $15.(Shipping is free as long as it's covered by the amount of the giftcard,or $2 and under).It's open worldwide.You have one month to enter and tell all your friends and family who would be interested.
Enter the giveaway here at Emmy's Boos and Rawrs

This is just one of the pairs of earrings you could choose from if you win!
(And even if you don't win,check back every once in a while,since I will be doing these giveaways ever so often.It will be posted on facebook,twitter,and here when I do.)

If you ever need a blog person to host your giveaway,Emmy is great to work with.She's nice and pretty flexible.

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