Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spring Clearance and Reduced Prices

I recently cut prices even more on most of my Branch earrings.At first they were $30,then $27,and today i decided to mark them down to $25.I'm trying to find the perfect sweet spot for pricing them.I know everyone's budget is different,and that price would be too much for some,hardly anything for some,and just right for others.But we'll see how it goes.I don't like fluctuating prices very much.
You may remember that post I did about figuring out jewelry prices a long time ago.
And I thought I would show you some items I have on sale,or clearance.I might put some more on spring clearance later.

Lavender Amethyst Waterfall Necklace-Spring Clearance 15 off original price of 40 ($25.00)

Midnight Sky Leather Lariat-Spring Clearance,was 105,now 80

Clearance-Pearl and Rose Swarovski Wire Necklace

Oops Sale was 25 now 20-Pink and Gold Wirework Branch Earrings

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