Monday, July 26, 2010

My Thoughts and My Life-Bunny Rabbit

Today I'm going to share with you some photos of our new bunny rabbit.My mom and I have not had a pet for over two years since my bird died.I used to have a rabbit in Kindergarten.

It was a friends of ours,but he was like "You can have it!".Haha,he's cool like that.He has three lovebirds,a few chickens,a dog,some Guinna pigs and more rabbits,anyways.Oh,and did I mention he has a snake?

So we ended up taking her home.Her name is Pistachio,but we call her Bunny,as well.And I like to call her loves to lick people,it is so funny.They say that's because we taste salty.And I found out that rabbits can sleep with their eyes open!How weird is that?But I've noticed that she does sleep with her eyes open a lot of times.

These pictures are from a few weeks back,and she's a bit bigger now.

Got a bit of a sun flare going on there.I took a lot more with more sun flares.I really love sun flares.

This one's just a goofy picture that I love.

Eating a maple leaf.

These ones are a little more recent.

"I see you!"

P.S.I had posted this earlier,but it was a draft from a few days before,so it was published as if on that day.So I wasn't sure if it would sure up in the feed.

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