Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starting a Blogging Schedule?

Ok,so I have been thinking I may start a blogging schedule of sorts,flexible,of course,since I sometimes get random ideas that I feel need to be put out there right away.

Here is a tentative schedule for my Life Is More Than Beads blog.
Monday:My thoughts and My life-Just whatever has been going with me,I'll just write,post pictures,etc.
Tuesday:From One Person to Another-I will share something inspirational or good I found on another blog or the etsy forums,whether it be a whole blog post or just a picture.I might just share the blog for you to go check out.Or perhaps someone could guest blog?
Wednesday:Thoughts from the Book-A Bible verse,probably from Psalms,since the Psalms are so amazing.And my thoughts on it. :D
Thursday:Song Pick of the week-I will share a music video or lyrics,since I just love music.
Friday:My Corner of Creativity-I will share pictures of whatever I am working on,or items that I just listed.Maybe a tutorial,or some business advice,if I have any.
Saturday.Random or a Shop Feature-Um,whatever I want to write,maybe a poem,or just my thoughts.I may start featuring etsy shops,one a week,or an item,but we will see.I'm not sure which day to do it,though.It may just end up being any day that I choose to do that.If you have an idea as to what day would be good to have a feature,let me know.
Sunday:I will probably not be blogging on Sunday,but it depends.I may just do a cross-over from my one of one other blogs.Or maybe I'll feature a shop on this day,as well,or instead of Saturday.

As for my wedding blog,Jenny's Wedding Dresses,I have been trying to figure how to do that one.I think I will blog at least every other day.
A dress pick of the week.
Have a jewelry pick of the week.
A photo of the week,though we'll see how that goes,since you usually have to get permission.I do know of some wonderful wedding photographers,and I want to feature their work.So I may feature a photographer every once in a while,as well.Hopefully I'll get some interviews,too.:)
I will put a an outfit together,either for bridesmaid,brides,or any time.One a week.
Every other week or every two weeks do a feature/interview with an etsy bridal shop.
Every other week,or every two weeks,pick a color,(maybe two or three),and search out the prettiest items to feature for that color.
And any other random thing I love.

If you have any other things you would like me to blog about,let me know.

It will probably take me a few weeks to get into this schedule,and I may have to change it around a bit before I decide on a semi-permanent one.Right now I'm lucky if I blog twice a week,but I figure if I pick something for each day,it'll make it easier.


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