Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Cute Poem About Selling on Etsy

Dadswoodentoys shared this little poem in the etsy forums and it made me smile.:D
Here it is!

"Etsy is a place where items can be bought
but shoppers who come here look beyond the things you've got

They like to meet the maker of the many things
there is a satisfaction that this connection brings

It's true that all your pictures need to be real nice
But often its more than pictures that makes them come back twice

If they only want a thing and wanted nothing more
they would likely shop at some other big name store

The shoppers here on Etsy buy things that is true
but most of them want to feel somehow that they met you

When reading your announcement especially your profile
They want to meet the maker they hope you make them smile.

Are you a witty person who likes to laugh a lot?
Do you let that show in the descriptions that you've got?

When visiting your store do shoppers see your passion?
Or will they only find accessories for fashion?

Do you love to build or make the things you sell?
How long have you been learning to craft your things so well?

Do you make your items in a loft 10 stories high?
or on a distant ranch beneath the open sky?

Your personality is unique to you alone
I suggest you put forth effort to ensure that it is shown

Your goal is not to be exactly like a store
shoppers here on etsy are seeking something more.

Don't be afraid to say things in your own special way
Its often that uniqueness that makes the buyers stay "

What do you think? Do you think it's so,did it make you smile,too?


dadswoodentoys said...

It made me smile that is for sure
the pleasure it brings is pure

I am glad to see the message is spread
Good ideas are seldom dead.

Jennifer Vance said...