Thursday, September 9, 2010

Man,I sure do take a long time between posts,don't I?If I blog every week on here,I'm lucky.I think I shall abandon the schedule part that I blogged about earlier,but not the themes.I like being spontaneous too much.

So what I have been up to in the way of my etsy shop is finally listing 100 items(and over!,),and joining a team,which has been lots of's called "Team Discovery",and the main purpose is to make treasuries comprised of part team members,and new/undiscovered shops(new or undiscovered is having sold under 20 items),in hopes that they will make the front page.Already a few of them have!if you would like to find out more about it,here is the Team Discovery - Official Thread for September.I've been in many treasuries since joining.

Another thing I've been up to is natural dying.I was tea dying some tulle,and I Googled tea-dying tulle(after having put the tulle in tea,lol),and found a blog where someone used natural dyes on silk,muslin,and tulle.Here is the blog post that inspired me.
Onions and cabbage and tea, oh my!
I then boiled red cabbage,red onions(both the skin and onion part),and salt.I added a little bit of tea to it,too.There was some silk that I had for a while,so I cut a few snippets of it to try.What i didn't know is that red onions make green!So i got kinda a light green with a purplish with with those samples.With the tulle,it just made a very light green.And,of course,tulle and all synthetic fabrics will dye differently than natural materials.The other dye I tried was turmeric.And that not only made some very nice yellows,but is pretty colorfast.I dyed all of my silk fabric in that the following day.I was really nervous,but it turned out pretty nice.Now I just need some silk chiffon to dye...
I'm sorry i don't have any pictures,but I'm still camera-less.When I can,I will take pictures of both the process and the final results,and probably post a tutorial.

Well,I think that's it!And to cap it off,here are some pictures from my trip to Bend.

Denny,the horse I rode.I was so scared! I hadn't been horse-back riding in 4 years.My left leg was shaking so bad after i got on,I couldn't get it to stop till about half-way through the ride.I sang during part of it to calm myself,and my freind said Denny liked it when her mom sang to her.That was a lot of fun,real freeing for me,to sing out in the open air while riding a horse..

Back from the second horse ride.And the goat in the background,lol.I was a lot less nervous this time.Plus,Denny doens't go more than a walk.And I sag again.One of the songs was Jake Hamilton's "Watch Out Heaven".that was so funny to sing that while riding on a horse.It would have been much more dramatic if we had been trotting.

Denny's baby,Darby,and I.

A baby parakeet.

Alex,my friend's Quaker parrot.You can see more pictures in this blog post here. Alex-Parrot Portraiture

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