Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coral Dress Post #1

I have been working on this dress for quite a long time(since last summer),but haven't gotten very far on it.I tend to work on a lot of different projects at once.But I hope to have it done by the end of February,or at least by Spring.I have 2 other dresses I want to make by my birthday,which is in May,so getting it done as soon as possible would be great.
It's a soft flowing rayon,a very pretty pink coral color.I'm sewing it with the cream thread cause i wanted to.lol.
All hand stitching,lots of tiny stitches.Which i get faster at as i do more.I'm sewing it a certain way so you don't see any seams for most of the dress.
It's going to be empire waist,and I think I will make it with pockets.
I'll add more pics as I make progress on it. :)

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