Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mustard Yellow Vintage Corduroy Hair Flower Collection

Today I wanted to share with you some of my hair pieces made out of vintage corduroy.I got gotten the fabric from a friend,and was wondering whether to make clothes,or hair pieces..well,the hair clips

I started off with making one for myself,and LOVED it.I wear it a lot.Here it is.

And here are a few that are in my etsy shop.I have a few more different ones not shown here there,too.If you would like one custom made for you,I have some more fabric left over and would be happy to do that. :)
Marigold Corduroy Hair Flower with Olive Green Crystals

Small Mustard Yellow Corduroy Flower with Aqua Crystals Hair Barrette

Large Mustard Yellow Corduroy Flower Hair Clip with Beaded Glass Pearl Center


Anonymous said...

Jennifer that corduroy flower clip is divine!! Also in answer to my blog post how is your hand sewn dress going?

Jennifer Vance said...

Thanks! :)
It's going pretty good.I'm almost done with the top part,and once I'm done,I will post pics of it.Hopefully within a few days!
If you'd like to see a post from when i just started on it,here it is..
I'll drop a note on your blog once i've made more progress later if you want.


Excellent choice that you've chosen to make hairpieces. Love the colour!!!

Anonymous said...

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