Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Random Post About What's Going On in My Life Right Now

This is just a post about some of the things going on in my life for the present.

~I got an external hard drive!I'm pretty excited about that,since I've been needing one for a long time.I got even got down to less than a GB of space left on my computer. O_O Not good!So now I can take pictures and videos without having to worry for a while.

~My 17th birthday is coming up soon...on May 13! (I was born on a Friday the 13th,by the way..LOL.I found a calender from that year laying around our house,and it said on that date "Wear your hard hat!" *head/desk* hahaha).For some reason,I've been kinda more excited about being 17 than 16.I'm not quite where or who I thought i would be in some ways,but in other areas I am,or more.

~I found out that i really like finding people on youtube singing their own original songs,and whatnot.I just love hearing people sing the songs they have written themselves,they just seem to sing so much better somehow.

~And I keep getting the itch to sew dresses.lol,and I'm not even done with my first dress yet!I have the top part almost done,and I'll be blogging about it soon with pictures.I found some neat vintage material to make a top and dress out of for summer.So many dresses,so little time! :)

~I'm thinking about doing a random 20 or so things post about me sometime.Would you like that?


Cat said...

Happy almost birthday!

{love finding fellow etsy artists blogs :) }

xx Cat brideblu

Jennifer Vance said...

Thanks! :)
(And so do I)